S.D. Giere

Professor, Photographer, Piper

Not Always Random Thoughts

Learning to See

For me, the camera is a means of seeing the world. Light. Color. Shadow. Texture. Depth. Line. Perspective. Proportion. I am currently on a sabbatical from my day job. During this time of rest (at least a change of pace), I am working on a book on the relationship of faith (trust) and the reconciliation…

A Wee Thought…

Yesterday, 1 July 2021, I started a year-long sabbatical. A privilege, I know. And one I’m grateful for. It’s a perk of being a professor to be stewarded with such time and space. I am working on a book, tentatively titled “Faith and the Reconciled Imagination,” under contract with Fortress Press. Some decades ago and…


One of my avocations is playing the great highland bagpipes. I’ve had the good fortune of being in and around music since I was just a wee lad. The pipes have been a musical fixture in my life since about 2015, when I got connected with the Dubuque Fire Pipes & Drums. I aspire to play well and to enjoy doing so. Whether playing with the band, solo gigs, or on mountain tops, I delight in the soul-rattling sounds of the pipes.

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