Day Job

There’s no question in my mind that I’ve been oddly fortunate to have received the education that I have and to be able to serve as a professor. (Hear the irony intended in the use of “day job.”) I am the product of privilege, and I hope to use that privilege for good.

I currently serve at Wartburg Theological Seminary, a graduate school whose focus is forming leaders for public ministry primarily in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This is the Christian denomination in which I am also ordained as a pastor – a minister of Word and Sacrament.

My academic field is Old Testament, sometimes called Hebrew Bible. I earned a PhD from the University of St Andrews – a lovely and dear place, situated on the North Sea in the Kingdom of Fife. Before that I managed to complete a Master of Divinity from Wartburg Seminary, where I know serve, and before that a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with minors in Russian and Greek from Concordia College.

While Old Testament is my root field of study, I have spent the last fifteen years teaching homiletics. (In the interest of avoiding the appearance of hoity-toity-ness, homiletics is preaching.) I have learnt a great deal over this time about how to read scripture theologically. I am grateful to my school for granting me the opportunity to shift my teaching back to bible starting in the Fall of 2022.